Headbands of all Variety


Turquoise Head Piece


Baby Blue Headband with Lace and Pearls


Silver Head Piece


Red and Black Lady Bug Head Band

Headbands 050

Baby Blue, White with rhinestone Head Piece


Black Headband with White Sequins Piece

As my daughters was growing up, i always found a way to put  little special details on there clothing. Especially raising 4 children i had find ways to Penny pinch, which i did but, also find little things to put on there clothes. Rather if it was a flower or ribbons. The girls in there class would love it. One of the things i did a lot was make them head pieces. From a headband to ribbons, combs and clips. They hate to see there school pictures . They say all you notice in the pictures are my head pieces. Well..they now love it when i do it for there daughters. With this been said,  here is another set of headbands and ribbons head pieces.

2 thoughts on “Headbands of all Variety

  1. Hi Nora, (sorry for the confusion, earlier on)
    I like your crafty works, they are truly lovely 🙂
    regards, Oana

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