Chocolate Cover Cups and Fruits


Chocolate cup filled with strawberries and freshly made whip cream

Full nd Upclose

Chocolate Cup with fruits

All 3 Home made Chocolate cups w. Fruits

Chocolate Cupcake holder with fruits.

One thing I adore doing, is molding chocolate into something, or just finding something I can add chocolate to and peel as I say. These little chocolate cups are made with Wilton Chocolate. I have rubbery Cupcake holders. I drizzle the cupcake holder and make sure you cover every spot of that cupcake holder and place it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. I always stay with fruits in the house. Two places you will always find me at the Fabric store and the Fruit stand.  What I usually do with the strawberries is, I cut them in half, take a small portion of the cut strawberries and put the in the blender, take strawberry preserve and blend it together, a little sugar to your tasting. When finish, blend it in with the rest of the strawberries that are cut in half and WALA! magic,  you can top with with fresh whip cream or garnish it with mint leave. Now you have yourself a nice little dessert  and simple for your next dinner party.

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