Headpieces for all occasion


Tiffany Blue and Black


Tiffany Blue and Black


White and Silver headpiece


White and Silver Headpiece


White and Silver Headpiece


All White


All White

Hot Pink and Yellow Headpiece

Hot Pink and Yellow Headpiece


I just finished up some of our newest headpieces. I just love doing them I can go to any fabric store and pick up just about anything and make a headpiece or headband. I have some other materials that I want to do headbands with. With my headpieces, I put in elastic, makes easier to stay on the head as oppose to just tying it. I try to chose the right pieces for them. I play with it to get it to where I want it to look. Some pieces do cost a bit of money, if you want to add some sort of custom jewelry. I bought these rings that was a $1.50 each, so what i’ll do is remove the ring part in the back and use it for a headpiece and it’s inexpensive. So please enjoy and don’t forget to leave a common, I would love to hear from you.

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