Sweet Mystery Treats

Hey everyone, haven’t talk about any doing on this side. I decided to make Mystery Sweet Teats.

I love Oreo cookies so, I decided that I would make Oreo Pops.  I do Chocolate Cover Oreo, might as well put a stick in it.

This is a little difficult to do, cookie breaks real quick. What I did was, lay the Oreo flat down, hold it down with my fingers and then slowly insert the stick but, make sure you dip the stick in melted chocolate (Wilton).  If the cookie breaks, dip the piece in chocolate and put together, it holds like a glue. Let it harden, then brush the cookie to get a smoother feel.

Dipping the cookie in chocolate is a little difficult, at times I add a dip of vegetable oil to smoothed the chocolate. You don’t want to dip the cookie in a thick chocolate, might be too much on the stick and besides you don’t want to much chocolate, Oreo is sweet on its own and remember I use the small sticks. A big stick would break the cookie so, a little vegetable oil,  just to give it a smooth consisting.

If you’re doing with the kids, they get to add their own topping and choose their own colors. It’s a great idea for any party.

My next Mystery Sweet Treats are Cake Balls with a Cherry in the middle. Yes, I tried it. What better way to enjoy a Sweet Treat with a Cherry.

I don’t like to make the  big Cake Balls, the cake is so sweet and then you dip them in chocolate , gives it a rich taste. Just enough to make 2 bites or one bite. Remember, when you finish crumbling the cake add a table-spoon of frosting. You should be able to make to roll it , without sticking to your hands. You will know when is right.

When you roll the ball, whatever size you want and make a dent in a center of the cake ball., you then put the cherry in the dent part of the ball.  Then you just mold the ball back into place, that’s when I say the hard part start to kick in but, for this you have to make large cake balls. Make sure to leave the stem of the cherry sticking out. Leave it in the refrigerator for, what I leave in for an hour. It gets a little harden makes it simple to dip in the chocolate.

Make sure you heat the chocolate. I’ve always use Wilton Chocolate, have been for a long time so i’m comfortable with it. I double boil, it melts the chocolate thin. When i’m in a hurry I just put it in the microwave, don’t like it but it’s quicker.

You can even cut up a strawberry and use half of it. or just cover the whole strawberry with cake and make a huge cake ball.  That would be delicious, great idea might try it next.

This particular cake was Red Velvet and I always add a box of chocolate pudding box. It give the cake a kind of, a firm texture to the cake.  I love-making butter cream frosting, any flavor but, this one is cream cheese frosting, so in that cake,there is cream cheese frosting.

I just finished making Red Velvet Cup Cakes and fresh Fondant. In red and just plain white, so let’s see what I can make for Father’s Day.

balls upload

Sweet Mystery Treat

cake ball uoload

Sweet Mystery Treat

upload (2)

Sweet Mystery Treat

upload oreo pop

Sweet Mystery Treat


Sweet Mystery Treat

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