Diaper Cake fit for a King

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about one of my creations. The house computer was at the repair shop for nearly a month and all my pictures are uploaded there. It’s back and in full swing.

I had a big order for a boy baby shower and the colors were Dark Blue, Gold and Crown theme. You know there is always a first for everything. 60 Cupcakes, 40 Cake Pops, Diaper Cake, Boutonnieres, pins and Chocolate Oreo.

First let me start of with this diaper cake, I was thinking how can I incorporate all that into a diaper cake.  I went looking for dark blue and gold ribbons, bows, flowers, and yes a crown. This was a last-minute order. I didn’t take pictures of the cupcakes, cake pops or pins.

First and for most, I love the way this diaper cake turned out.  I thought to myself, I’ve never worked with these colors for a baby shower. It came naturally, the crown I bought from the Dollar Store, which is my favorite store.  I needed something flexible, so I bought a kind of card board crown.

You know ribbons are real cheap, I went to the fabric store looking for gold and dark blue flowers,ribbons. As I started to put it together, I wasn’t liking it. Couldn’t add too much gold, so I opted for no gold flowers on this diaper cake.

I added little blue rhinestone to the crown, actually on both crown. I went to the bakery store and bought the 2 card board cake plate. I also found dark blue flowers, which I already had. I didn’t want to add to much gold to it.

When I start doing these diaper cakes, there’s not drawing on how I’m going to make it. I just start rolling the diapers, putting them together and just eye-ball it. I may start to put a specific flower on it and 15 mins later change my mind. I’ll just start adding pieces together.

You give me a theme and I will make you a Diaper Cake. I also found small crown at my favorite party store around where I live at. and people anyone can do this. I added Dark Blue ribbon on the top crown.

I say this much, this is my favorite Diaper cake. For prices on them email me.

Now with these 2 boutonnieres, I use the same materials as the Diaper Cake. I found these small ceramic baby pieces also at the fabric store. I did a boy style boutonnieres , added on a couple of pieces I already had and blue rhinestone. One for the father and one for the expected mother.

We here at Hannah’s and Mia’s will customize any event/theme. I hope you lie them and please leave a comment.


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