Tiffany Blue & Black Tulle head piece

Here I go again with these head-pieces. I guess, they’re so easy to do. I wanted that chic and vintage look together.

A classic look to say the least. I really have enjoyed myself with these pieces. It’s like I want them to look a specific way and if I don’t like how’s is coming along I will start over.

I don’t draw or take a piece of paper and sketch a piece. I do it as I go. I have this peach color lace piece I bought for a dollar, it has a vintage look. I bought ribbon and elastic so I can do it.

For this piece I have the same tulle on my all black tulle. It has a harder feel to it and it will stay in place. The bows on the is piece is material I bought, cut it down and saw it and pull the string until you get a bow, you can make it tight or lose. I chose a little lose, it makes easier to play with.

I know I said I was going to start a before and after or rather show you the material that is needed, but when I get the pieces I go straight in making them. It’s so many ways on coming up with one.

When doing Arts&Crafts, it gives a sense of relaxation. I’m in a world all by myself.

This Tiffany Blue and Black tulle is just as lovely as can be. I want to thank my model Olivia Hunter for giving me a little of her time and posing for my camera and my head-piece. She makes them look lovely. Olivia will be modeling one of my pieces for a couture look.

I hope you like it.

????????????????????????????????????????????OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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