Glittery Silver Head-Piece

Talk about  an evening head-piece. I just love it people. Just the right piece for an evening affair. This specific tulle I bought online. It’s a glittery silver which I will buy more of. It’s the one that comes in a roll.

Now the antique piece on it, I bought in a hair place, actually is a clip, a larger clip. I didn’t have the need for it so I took it apart. I stood with the clip part so I can make something else with it. I recycle everything, which I’ll show you later on.

This big clip cost at a very low price. My secret. But as you can see it’s beautiful on this head-piece and you won’t know that it came from a clip.

The band around it, I bought a long time ago. Actually I believe this material is use to make curtains, you add it to the rim of materials. But as you can see no material is left un touched by me. If I like it, whatever is used for I will have a different purpose for it.

I also at all time use elastic on these head-pieces. It keeps it in tack. I would hate to use a head-piece and be adjusting it the whole time. I wouldn’t make something I wont use. All these pieces are hand sawn to secure every piece.

My dream is to work for a high fashion company. Just give me a room full of supplies, and you will be  amaze what I can do. Arts & Crafts has always been my thing. I remember going to Woolworth, on maternity leave after my Hannah was born and bought a whole lot of arts & crafts supplies. I added  to her receiving blankets, soft lace to her bibs, you name it I did it.

I hope you like and please leave a common.


Silver Couture


Silver couture



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