A Wedding Veil with a Pop.

Can we say non-traditional Wedding Veil. Talk about a conversation piece! Here it is. An all Red Wedding Veil. Need says NO more.

This is for that daring bride to be.  What better to be the talk of your Wedding. I call this one Wedding Veil with a Pop. This Veil has a comb for easy adjustment

The piece on it was bought about 10 years ago and I safe kept it.  I always buy at the fabric store pieces that are, on sale, 50% 0r 75% off and clearance.

73ff7466-84d0-467d-8244-bf03f2515f1b_zps7d4d51aa 714b4790-78ef-4e69-9735-8b762e655ad3_zps495d44bd 7164b4cf-beaf-4ee1-90a9-ca1de89ad002_zps0e618c6f f26f37d9-abf3-499b-823d-2e4a9ed3a43a_zps69b3adfa PB260067_zps3c13974c

4bc00c3a-409b-45d9-9057-9c4d0543f598_zps4e73ba51 PC060026_zpsc0f2ac2a

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