Silver Broach Head-Piece

Well…I’m at it again. Head-pieces. This time I chose the pieces to add-on it carefully.  It wasn’t suppose to come out this way, but none the less I love it.

The silver gives it a more delicate touch to it, especially the pieces on it. I did take my time doing it as simple as it may look. The pieces on it weir bought where I usually buy the rest of them.

When you can’t find the piece you want for your head-piece, improvise . Actually the broach on it is a ring. I took the ring part off it.  All we need is a little imagination and creativity to do this.

I have not yet name this particular piece, but I will eventually. This piece is awesome for a wedding or one day I may see it on the runway fashion show under couture. (Hopefully).

Please take a minute to comment on it.  Your opinion means a lot.

PC290625_zpsd2335a65 (1) PC290638_zps2926dd90 (1) PC290640_zps544d011d (1) PC290642_zpse1fdf92b (1) PC290643_zps25f6bc81

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