Easter Bonnets

Here are my version of  Easter bonnets.  I remember growing up in Brooklyn every little girl had a bonnet on for Easter. So these are my version of an  Easter Bonnet. I bought 3 straw hats, pink, purple and Tiffany blue.  They had no design on them, just plain hats. I added some of what I call pretty things.  Ribbon, flowers, tulle and a brouch. I also made one for me, a big girl bonnet.


P3210153_zps6bc10edb P3210159_zpsff333370 P3210161_zps6d07b954








This purple and lavender  which I will call “Madison”, Madison is my three-year old granddaughter and she loves purple.  I added pearls around the rim , tulle bow and  to finish it up a big lavender flower. In Maddy’s  word “Is so pretty” with one hand on her waist.



P3210162_zpsf68f4d1f P3210163_zps4772c0b1P3210165_zpsda4bee1f

Now this Tiffany Blue is called Kylee, another 3 ear old granddaughter. I believe Kylee doesn’t have a favor color. It just has to be like WOW for her.  I used glittery tulle and a brouch.


P3210180_zpsa4837d16 P3210190_zps9d47eea7

This is my big girl bonnet, dressed with all that Spring brings.

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