Easter Headband and Head-piece

My beautiful headbands are as pretty as little girls are. These one of a kind headbands are just in time for Easter. We have a pink and white rose bud, lavender & white with sequins, and my favorite baby blue headband.  I love doing things for girls, I have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters, so little girlie things are my specialty.  These headband can also be worn for a flower girl.



This headband is wrapped in  pink and white satin ribbons. A simple bow added to the headband, with small pink rose bud.


P3210145_zpscc68f14b P3210148_zps166306ba

The sequins on this lavender and white headband was found at the fabric store and believe it for only 50 cents. It is also wrapped in satin ribbons.

P3210126_zps7b26e0d7 P3210128_zps5ec59608

My favorite headband is this delicate baby blue.  This sequins was also bought at the fabric store near me, and for  50 cent. Wrapped in baby blue satin ribbon and bow.

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