Summer wedding head-pieces for 2014

So here we have it, my long-awaited 2014 summer wedding veils. It took me so long to post, my model is a senior from High School and she’s been busy in school. I hate showing them off on a mannequin heads. It doesn’t give it that *POW* factor to it.

These summer wedding head-pieces  are for  those brides that just wants a simple piece to wear. Summer brides have it hard. Long puffy wedding dress and long wedding veils. I wouldn’t want to be a bride for the summer.

I have 5 different styles. First one is for those brides who picking up their hair, this is a comb piece and it sits in back of your head. You can also use it for a side piece, very simple.


My second piece is a headband style wedding piece, again very simple.  You can tie it in the back. A side tulle piece added to it. Wrapped in satin ribbon and some lace I bought for very cheap.

P1010468_zps6944de3fP1010482_zps547bff17P1010491_zpsd79985e8 P1010501_zpsc5151ef2

Third style wedding piece is as simple as they come. White satin ribbon with a side piece to it. I added on tulle to the back of it, to make a bow and added flowers to the tulle.

P1010506_zpse18b7654 P1010513_zpsa6be96fc P1010518_zpsd26ee3ad

My fourth one is a vintage style. The side pieces added on this this piece was a little expensive, but I loved them and didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. When I see something I like or the way I like it, cheap I buy it. At the time of purchasing these materials I have no clue what I want to use it for but because is cheap I’ll pick it up. You can also tie this in the back for a nice pretty bow.

P1010570_zpsa45af9e8 P1010576_zps54f18b05 P1010582_zps666aa325



Now this 5th one is just a side bow with a little bedazzled on satin white ribbon. The piece on it, I found for cheap at the fabric store. I sewed in elastic in the back so it can stay in place.






Hannah’s and Mia’s Little Secrets is a home base business of mine. No huge company or store. Just a small at home business.  I love doing what I call pretty things. Having 3 daughters and living on a budget, I had to learn how to do things for the girls, even when it came to parties. Always added my touch to everything. Now having been blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters, I learned how to bake and decorate Cupcakes, Cake pops and Cake among other things. So please feel free to share my craft skills to everyone. Thank you to those who has followed me and “LIKE” my stuff.

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