Summer wedding head-pieces for 2014

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

So here we have it, my long-awaited 2014 summer wedding veils. It took me so long to post, my model is a senior from High School and she’s been busy in school. I hate showing them off on a mannequin heads. It doesn’t give it that *POW* factor to it.

These summer wedding head-pieces  are for  those brides that just wants a simple piece to wear. Summer brides have it hard. Long puffy wedding dress and long wedding veils. I wouldn’t want to be a bride for the summer.

I have 5 different styles. First one is for those brides who picking up their hair, this is a comb piece and it sits in back of your head. You can also use it for a side piece, very simple.


My second piece is a headband style wedding piece, again very simple.  You can tie it in the back. A side…

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