Hand Fashion

Well, I made this hand thingy lol. I found this white piece at the clearance section of the fabric store. I wasn’t sure what  was it for, didn’t know if it was for a candle or your arms.

So I took upon myself to use it for the arms. I added the lace piece in the front,  you can use it for the back. It already came with the flower on it. Anyway which you want to use it. You can show off the lace  or  flower part. Ideal for a bride.


So I came up with something similar to it, but more of a vintage look to it, again on the sale rackets I found this material. I always try to push myself to make different things. I like the way it turned out. It wasn’t an easy process. I was trying to find a way to sew it and by the way, everything I make, I make by hands no sewing machine here. For some reason I couldn’t invert the ribbon in the material, it wasn’t looking right.

Everything I show on this blog, is one of a kind piece, no duplicates here. You have to remember that some of the things I buy is either clearance, sales or 50% off. When I see a particular piece I buy it, sometimes that one piece I buy is the only piece left.

I hope you like my hand thingy.

P1010346_zpsdb3f69c8 P1010352_zps9a2ecc0c





P1010363_zps12c96cad P1010364_zpse65ea84c



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