Hello everyone! Let me start by saying, that I found these dolls at a convenience store fully nude,  bought 5 of them. I decided to dress them up and what better to put them but in some tutus.

I end up asking my 3 granddaughters which colors they want their tutus to be. Mia,  which is the oldest is 7 yrs old, she wanted hers all white. Kylee is my second granddaughter, she’s about to be 4 yrs old this month. Kylee is a girly girl, she wanted hers Tiffany Blue, originally the Tiffany Blue was for Madison, she’s the third granddaughter but Kylee stated to me that Madison like Purple. I ended giving  Madison the purple and giving Kylee the blue one, which by the way she said she loves the blue one.

Now all dolls have a name, the all white one is call Mia, the Tiffany Blue is called Kylee and the purple one is called Madison. They were all tickle pink with the naming.

Those dolls had been sitting at the convenience store for a couple of week, the man at the register was glad I bought them, asked me what I’m I going to do with them? I told him I’ll find something for that price. I can’t refuse a good deal, the kids call me an organized hoarder.  The cheaper the better.

It wasn’t as easy as I though. The convenience to this, is that is very cheap in materials. I tell people if you find or see something for a bargain price buy it. You may not need those materials for right now, but something will come up.

So without further a do, here you have  Mia, Kyle and Madison.



All White “Mia”

P1010953_zps44813b25 (1)

All White “Mia”















Tiffany Blue “Kylee”





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