My First Belly Cake

Let me begin by 150762_733888456696704_5002707785729742438_nsaying this, that’s a lot of cake batter for this big mama here. This was my first attempt doing this Style Cake or any major one. I read tutorials, how to crumb coat a cake, place the fondant the correct way, how long to bake this huge belly and a lower temp,  even how to slice 2 layers of the belly to Butter Cream it.

This is what I call work, I’m a perfectionist, it’s call OCD. The belly alone on this cake took about 12 cups of batter, a whole lot of Butter Cream and Fondant, but I enjoyed every little bit of it. That is why I do what I do.

This cake was for a White, Pink and Silver Theme Baby Shower, which by the way I thought the colors looked  fantastic, with what I call a “little blinge” to go with it.

This was an all Vanilla Cake with Butter Cream Frosting, covered in pink and white fondant, 2 white and 2 pink flowers on the center of the top. I also added a gum paste flower and by the way gum paste is my new friend.

As you know, I’m new to all this thing call baking, still learning my ways around flavorings.  I will be trying different Fillings and Frosting in the up coming days.

I need to work on a lot when it comes to baking, I’m going through my learning process, by Tutorial School, LOL.  I’m a work in Progress and I love doing it. I made some mistakes, not that I didn’t do it correctly. They’re different ways to certain parts of the cake to do.

Cup Cakes was in order for this Pink, White and Silver theme Baby Shower. Same Flavoring, Vanilla Cake, White and Pink Butter Cream Frosting.




P1013248_zps3823986f Pink, White and Silver Theme Baby Shower Sitting on a bedazzled Cup Cake Holder.


Pink, White and Silver Theme Baby Shower sitting on a Bedazzled Cup Cake Holder



Upper part of my Belly Cake. Pink and White Flowers.


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