2014-2015 New Year’s Eve Headpieces

Want to make a Fashion statement on New Year’s Eve? Check-out the latest in my head-pieces, from chic to an extra pop on that outfit.

I love Fashion and every time I step out with friends, I like to add a pow factor to what i’m wearing that evening. A headpiece,  a certain belt, jewelry, whatever you have in that closet and make it work.

So I bring to you from my Fashion Department, headpieces to end and bring in your new year.



This all black piece is what I call Chic, you could either pull the veil to the front of the face or pulled back, either way looks great. I added this specific piece of sequin for this headpiece, gives a little sparkle to it.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                               OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA









This is a Teal kind of dark green headpiece. These are pieces of sequins on satin ribbon, you can also tie it at the back. Pieces was bought at a Mama & Papa  fabric store in Brooklyn. You could wear this piece with jeans also.















Purple and Black Bow headpiece, on a satin black ribbon and tulle. I just  love this piece. Now that’s a bow, purple and a slight black to it, gives a deep look to it. With an all black cocktail dress I think it would look fantastic.




Wasn’t sure how i got this piece. together.  I went to Michael’s and saw this pieces, individually of course and I should be ashamed, I bought these pieces during the summer of 2014. The headpiece was done about 4 months ago,  never photographed. I had tried it on my daughter, which by the way has a short cut, kind of a boyish look to it and she looked beautiful with it on. It’s more of a summer, fresh kind of piece.




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