Photo shoot headpieces/headbands for the girls.

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

I never plan when I’m  doing something (arts&crafts) and of course having left over metarials from other projects helps. I wanted to take some pictures of my granddaughters, I love taking pictures. I came up with a couple headpieces/headbands, I’m thinking vintage/gasby look, feathers, brooches, and other things.

My new found discovery cheesecloth, love it! Messy as you know what, but you can do some fine pieces with it. Cheesecloth is very soft like material. I also discovered how to make my own brooches. They’re expensive when you order them on line, so I bought some costume jewelry at a good price took them apart and I added my own touches to them.

I have materials from other project, I never throw out left overs, knowing I can do something with them. So the pieces you see here are those, refurbish materials. The yellow piece is a ribbon form ruffle, I believe I bought at…

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