White Rice, Bean and Pork Shoulder Spanish Style.

Last night dinner and of course I went fully spanish on this delicious meal, arroz blanco, habichuelas quisadas y pernil, (white rice, freshly made beans, I love when I cook fresh food, by this meaning bag beans as oppose to can beans and a pork shoulder.

First of let me say there was no left overs with this meal and I made dessert. Mines and everyone in the house favorite dessert tres leche. I will give you the recipe for tres leche cake. So I was in the mood for fresh beans, usually when I have beans left over, the next day I would make sopon de habichelas (bean soup). When it comes to typical spanish cooking, I can do it with my eyes closed.

For my beans I used half a bag, I’m that one who doesn’t measure. I usually leave it boiling for about 3 hours, when coming to 2  1/2 hour I start to season it and by season I mean recao (cilantro, fresh garlic, pepper, onion, so of us use tomatoes blended up in a blender). This is what italian’s call pesto, we call recao or sofrito, I add two tablespoon to the beans. After that is done than you can add dry ingredients, I use adobo or sazon. to your liking, but I put two packages of the sazon and a dash of adobo. I put diced pumpkin in the beans, you can also put diced potatoes. Let that simmer for half an hour and remove it from the stove, you don’t want them to get dried up.

Now for my pork shoulder, I put in small cuts to the pork to stuff it, lemon juice or vinegar, fresh shopped garlic and of course a little recao. Start to fill the small cuts, with the garlic and recao and when that is over I start to add a little adobo for tasting. Now depending on the size of the pork shoulder is how long you will leave it in the oven. I had a small one, so I left it in the oven uncover to get the fat part nice and crunchy, and that would be about 2 hours, when done remove from stuff, cover with aluminium foil and let the juice settle in. I slice mines, never put it on the dinning table in full.

Now for the rice part, like I said, I eyeball measurements. Do rice to your liking. I use vitarroz, normally seen in hispanic household and mine. When cooking take your time and enjoy it. I love cooking, wether is for me or my family, I like when is for me only I get to use smaller portions and can add something else to the plate. I also made some fresh corn on the cob which I didn’t use for the pictures.

So next time you decide to cook, try my spanish style white rice, beans and pork shoulder recipes.





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