My Vintage Headpieces

Well, my usual  model hasn’t been around so she can model these beautiful pieces I’ve created a while ago. I hope you can see the beauty of these pieces I’m showing you.

Headpieces are so easy to make. All is take is a little creativity and imagination. I just sit in my office and start to cut, sew and glue whatever comes to my head, freestyle so to speak. I’ve never sat down and scetch a headpiece on any thing of the sort. I usually buy pieces when i see them on sale, for no apparent reason. I just put them in a box and keep them there until I think about what I want to do.

Now my first piece is my favorite, such an old feel to it or vintaging style if that’s a word. Wrapped in gray satin ribbon, lace, which I found at a fabric store that was going out of business. White pearls, 2 gray flowers at the side and a broach, well it’s not actually a broach, is one of hose half earring. You can’t tell, I bought a couple of them in different stone colors. It has an elastic in the back, for a more secure feel.



My next piece is a white band, with white and gray tulle bird cage piece. Now let me tell you, the pictures does not do justice to these beautiful pieces. It’s wrapped in satin white ribbon. I took the tulle and made a bow and centered a piece on it, it’s a nice size side bow. I added to the size also the material, which by the way I don’t know the name to it. This piece is in gray. I also bought it in gold. To the back of it, I put an elastic piece, to me it gives it more of a secure fit.

The third piece is also all silver birdcage to the comb piece. This one has more of a gasby style to it. The piece on it is an ring. Broaches cost a lot of money, you can improvise on some of those pieces. This one has a comb to it. Is a side piece and is very beautiful and delicate.

Gasby Style to the side comb piece

Last but not lease is this pretty pink and brown, feather piece. I bought the piece of lace for very cheap, of course. This piece is pink satin ribbon with of course the elastic in the back, sew the lace piece on it and took feather that I bought from Michael’s brown and beige and added a, trying to figure out the correct word for it, oh well is a brown piece I found for 50 cents. The feather goes on the side and the lace is centered.

Pink and Brown headpiece


Brown Gasby style headpiece

Here are two other pieces i made a couple of months age. Same technic satin ribbon and elastic in the back.  Sometimes I make it a thick cut or at times a slim cut, whatever the mood is so, to speak.


Baby Blue Headpiece


Pink with Sequin Headpiece

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