Apples, Cinnamon and the Feeling of Autumn in my Brooklyn Apartment

My Brooklyn apartment is smelling like cinnamon and apple. Plug ins and candle cinnamon and apple aroma and the feel of autumn is what I have going on.

I have a DIY,  An autumn step-up, at an inexpensive way.   I will always emphasize on paying low price on everything I purchase.

One of my favorite store where I’m at is Dollar Deals and Dollar Tree, oh man this is a craft person’s dream and fortunate for me is just down the block from where i work.  I go on my lunch break and scope the place, so to speak.

I did two, actually three setup arrangements at a Dollar Deal price.  The first two standing arrangement was bought at Dollar Deals for only $5 each. The flower arrangement were very small, so what I did was bought two branches, one with the flower and  what I call the bally ones. They were $1.00 each and I bought a roll of mesh, which was only $3.99.

Now this is where I work my magic, and a simple one. Make sure to cut all the pieces off the, so call branch on both of them, you’ll need a pair of good scissors for that.  Now this is the part you start to arrange. Touch the parts that look little bare, add the flowers on those location first. the other pieces are just extra, so just add those on but, stand them up a little higher. I had pinecones from last year, so I just glued those on and last but not least, I wrap the mesh around. No special way of doing this, just cut a small piece,  on about three different places of the mesh wrap with wire and glue those pieces to the arrangement, don’t spread out too much, make sure is in a bubble form so to speak. Remember there’s no special or wrong way of doing this.  With this, you would probably pay about $25 for each in a store and for the price of just $18 you can get both.

I’m cheap compulsive buyer, and even thou I made not need it for that moment I will need it for future DIY.  So, if you are a craft person or just starting to, I suggest that when you see a sale, discount, 50 or 75% off on deals pick it up. A day after christmas last year, the 99 cent store was trying to get rid off all there christmas ornaments, they were converting into a corner store. So I told the owner to give me a good price and I’ll take them off your hands. I didn’t expect him to give it to me as such a low, low price and of course I took. So for christmas I will be doing plenty of DIY for the holidays.

Now my second arrangement is a really beautiful arrangement, and is a huge one. I bought the flowers from Rite-Aid, they where $10.00 each but the had a 50% off on autumn home goods, I bought two for the price of one. The wicker basket where the flowers are sitting on is a basket I had for years. This is the first time I use it for an arrangement. I bought floral foam and Reindeer Moss from Dollar Deals.

One thing I forgot to and realize it when it was too late was to add plastic on the bottom of the wicker basket, next time. So what I did was put of course put the floral foam but don’t forget to put plastic at the bottom of the basket, you can you a plastic bag it good to recycle. Break the flowers off the stem and just starting inserting them on the foam. Spread it out, make sure you have enough according to the size of the basket you’re going to use. I had enough to make it really full. There’s no special way of arranging the flowers, I just do. Always step back every time you add-on to make sure every flower is well-arranged, after that is done,  I add-on the Reindeer Moss on top of the arrangement and  I only used one pack for this one. It’s only for the top, I just lay it on, I added the mesh that i  had already.

This piece right here would probably be at least over $50 in a store and it was made for only $12, take into consideration I had the wicker basket already. So just add-on about $10 for a basket that’s only about $20-$22 dollars. I saved a whole lot.

Now, the plates used on the table, bought at Dollar Deals, the bowel and plate was $1 each. I bought for a table of 4, so that would be $8 for 4 and by the way a setting of 4 would run you for over $20 and maybe more because of the colors. The closer you get to a certain holiday the more expensive it becomes.

The glass cups were $1 each so that’s $4, the little orange lantern $1 each and I only bought 2, the runner on the table $5.99 and the circle material on top of the plate to hold the bowl in place, which comes 4 in a pack was $1.00.  The little Porclein on the table was 50% off at Rite-Aid, so I only paid $3 for it.

One thing I love doing, is making my Brooklyn apartment as cozy as I can for the holidays. I start shopping and or looking around early in the year for new things.  It’s not only for crafts, but for baking goods. During the summer i went to a discount store near me, they had plastic cake box, I was buying two different sizes , management gave me 10% off and no tax to an already steal, they’re very costly when you buying them online. I also purchased from them, small plastic bottle. Bought on-line, which I had priced a long time ago and didn’t purchase because I thought they were too expensive, they gave me a great deal, and believe me I was shocked for how much they gave it to me for. Same applied with the cake box, 10% off and no tax., so I got them basically for free. I go there once a week.


Now this concludes my DIY for for an autumn setup..

DSC05182 DSC05181 DSC05184 DSC05187 DSC05188 DSC05189 DSC05190 DSC05193 DSC05014 DSC05006 DSC05008

DSC05194 DSC05195

DSC05218 DSC05197



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