Hannah’s 19th Birthday Celebration.

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Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

Well, my Hannah wanted a birthday celebration at the last-minute. Her birthday was June 1 and yes I know I’m late in posting these pictures but with so much to do and working full-time it’s kind of hard.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as you’ll see the table arrangement. So she wanted the works, chocolate covered marshmallow, cake pops, candy, cupcakes and a whole lot more.

Her theme, pink and black, her cake pink, black, feathers, leopard and zebra prints. Yes indeed, can you imagine incorporating all that into a party.

I found the huge marshmallows, went on Amazon and bought the sticks, with of course pink and black. Flavor for the cake strawberry cake with strawberry butter cream. The sticks were inexpensive.

I decided to order the candy jars, which by the way I thought they were expensive. I went to a store call Dollar Store…

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