My Collection of Pops

Sweet as can be!

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

When I started baking I was into those cake pops. I bought the pan for it and notice it was a waste of money, i prefer bake, crumble and roll. It took more time but you can assure yourself it was going to stay together when you dipped it in the chocolate. If that cake is not firm, the chocolate will pull it out the stick.

I have Easter egg cake pops to marshmallow pops. I love doing them, especially when you have to add a touch to it. I like to bedazzle them, I like to bedazzle anything. Here you’ll see marshmallow and cake pops in all sorts of flavors.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate covered marshmallow pops..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate covered Marshmallow Pops with a splash of butterfly.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beautiful easter EggCake Pops.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Easter Egg Cake pops, sprinkles, pearls and flowers..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chocolate Cake pops dipped in green and pink Wilton chocolate.

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