Tis the season to make sure you decorated your table this holiday season.

Here I go again with one of my DIY,  tis the season. Let me start of by saying, the pieces you see here was bought to you by local businesses Target.

Family Tree and Dollar Deals are  great places to shop. If one store don’t have, definitely the other will. The amount was from $5-$1 each  items.

The candle holder glasses was purchased at Dollar Deals. You can get the sizes to your liking, I had purchased these a long time ago. The vase with the candle was purchased at Family Dollars.

The rocks in the vase and in the two glass candle holders, I bought at the plant section I was going to use it for planting this past summer. They’re so white it looks like snow I will remove them when is time to light the candles, the glass underneath those two candle holders, candles and the three small/tall candle holder in the back.  These items I bought at Dollar Deals.

The candles and the Mason jars candle holders was purchased at Family Dollar. Family Dollar had a 25% off, so the tall white candles was $5 for two I Paid $3.50. The Mason Jars was $1 each.

Target is where I bought the two cake holder and the christmas tree and believe it or not, is was bought at the dollar section. This was at $3 each, those are small cake holders.

The covers for the cake holders was purchased at my favorite discount store Bargain Hunter, the moment I saw them I said YES for my little cake holders. I paid $1.99 each, this is the reason why I love shopping local as oppose to online. You tend to find better deals on locals.

The tall white candle holder, branch type style was purchased at the thrift store around my area. I only paid $1.50, it was the only one. I can sprayed it white and added some glitter to it, with a tall white candle.

The two small silver tea candler holders was purchased at Riteaid, it was 50% off three weeks ago. Rite Aid had a 50% sale on holiday home goods, so I paid $1.50 for each and by the way they are beautiful.

The materials used on this table was also bought local. It’s my favorite place to go and I go there so often he cuts me deals.  I started to go for a country/chic, burlap, silver, white and glitter kinda theme.  I bought burlap, white burlap, and this cute fabric all white with lots of sewn in rose buds. The white burlap fabric was a little pricey but so worth it.

I originally bought the rose bud material for the table, but it made it look like it was too busy. What I ended up doing was making half piece chair covers, which by the way not bad. It gave it a softer touch. I did burlap over white burlap on the table, and  all white with a rose bud table runner.

How I come to the conclusion on how to arrange, line them up on the runner and arranging them to your liking. I tried this a couple of times before I’m happy with the setting. So if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

When purchasing this tree, i told my son to make it’s not too big and I spoke to my daughter ad told her the same thing, something small, small enough to fit it in the corner I’ve been using and it’s the only choice I have. So of course the tree was huge. This tree is an all white, silver and glittery tree. All ornaments was bought at Shoppersworld, the white mesh was purchased at Family Tree.

I start shopping for deals the day after Halloween. Watch for videos coming up on DIY and lots more.

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