Tis the season to make sure you decorated your table this holiday season.

Inexpensive ways to set up your table for the holidays..

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

Here I go again with one of my DIY,  tis the season. Let me start of by saying, the pieces you see here was bought to you by local businesses Target.

Family Tree and Dollar Deals are  great places to shop. If one store don’t have, definitely the other will. The amount was from $5-$1 each  items.

The candle holder glasses was purchased at Dollar Deals. You can get the sizes to your liking, I had purchased these a long time ago. The vase with the candle was purchased at Family Dollars.

The rocks in the vase and in the two glass candle holders, I bought at the plant section I was going to use it for planting this past summer. They’re so white it looks like snow I will remove them when is time to light the candles, the glass underneath those two candle holders, candles and the three small/tall…

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