DIY Candle Holders and Candles

I purchased a Nikon D7100 camera, so I will be video taping my DIY to make it easier to do.

Are you getting married and want to dress your table up with candles and beautiful candle holders? This is the place to be.

One thing you should know about me, I like pretty stuff, with 3 granddaughters that’s all I know.

Here you have it, easy to make candle holders and decorating a candle. Deals and Dollar Tree stores are great places to shop when doing DIY.

Thing needed:

  1. White Candles
  2. Tall Glasses
  3. Brouches
  4. Pearls
  5. Lace Pieces

The broaches are actually rings, ear rings, pearl neckalace or whatever you find that has a bling to it. Sometimes is best to shop local, not everything on-line is a good deal. You can’t negoitate a price on-line.

There’s this one place  I go to all the time to see what he has. He sells fake jewelry and is all cheap. I’m always going through the pile to see if he has anything new. Actually there’s 3 places I got to shop at.

The glass used for these pieces was purchased at Deals, they have a section all for glass items.  The stand on the holder also a candle holder, It was used it to give it height.

The candles also was purchased at Deals. The one near my job is closing and it will be turn to Dollar Tree. So right now they have 50% off on items $2.00 and up. I found out with one of the workers from Deals they’re lowing it to 75% off, so the moment that happen I will be there ready to tackle the party, glass and tableware section.

The item that wraps around the glass was purchased on Amazon. It’s usually use for weddings. I use it for anything that needs a sparkle. The picture from on the first set of pictures is another DIY project. I bought 2 bins full of Azure Home Goods frames for practically nothing at my favorite discount store around my area. That particular frame was a dull gray and I sprayed painted white.

Is all about putting everything together. I’m always buying things and putting it away for a later date. So when is time for me to don something I had already have all the items needed. I hope you enjoyed and liked my DIY on candles and candle holders.

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