DIY Decorated and Refurbished Picture Frames

Check out these cutie #DIY #PictureFrames

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

As you know I am a fanatic when it comes to a bargain. I shop and look everywhere for that what I call special price.

I go to this one particular place around my area, it’s called Bargain Hunter not only is in my neighborhood but 2 blocks away from my job, so on my lunch break I usually stop by and check out what’s in there.

The manager is quick to show me what he has, not only he gives me a 10% off he also take out the tax. I buy by the bunch, if I see an item that I know cost way more from what he has, I’ll buy the whole box.

This particular day I went in, the manager tells me that he has a lot of picture frames in 2 large bins and is willing to give me a good price. As I looked…

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