DIY on tier cake and cupcakes stands.

It’s been a while since the last time I post anything , between working full-time, photography and Hannah’s and Mia’s I’ve been a busy camper.

My niece was having a baby shower, my sister-in-law called me and asked to make the cake but I wanted to do more then cake. I wanted to set up her table, safari animals was the theme.

First thing I though of was tier plates in different level, colors and shape. We all know how expensive that can be. I started to think about making the tier plates so I can save me some money and believe you can go as expensive as you want or as cheap as you want.

First store Dollar Tree store, they are well known in the states. They have a good selection on party stuff. I’m always on a look out for new items.

First isle in Dollar Tree is candle holders. At times they have good selection and at times they don’t. I bought the typical small ones, it can be an old candle holder you have.

Second Isle is the plates section, now remember you have to make the plates are leveled. You have a variety of colors and shapes. Two things I found great to make tier plates are the covers for stove burners, it comes  4 different sizes together and the glass small plate to lay your cooking spoon on. The black and hot pink plates was mad from the burner covers. I bought some little dangling materials and glued it to the plate.

I also go to different places for items, like a thrift store, you’ll find beautiful and vintage pieces or department stores.

Third Isle would be the glue section. I normally get Mod Podge water base, glue and sealer. I went on Amazon and purchased Gem-Tac permanent glue rhinestone, crystals, sequins and it dries crystal clear. The third glue would be E6000 flexible/paintable. This is an Industrial strength adhesive, I use the E6000 to bond the plate to the candle holder.

For glitter I bought Martha Stewart Glitter Set, from Amazon. You could add-on any glittery sprinkle to it, but Martha Stewart Glitter is fine glitter and it gives it a better look. This set comes with 28 small bottle of different glittery color.

I bought the string crystals, I also bought from Amazon and yes I’m a prime member. The rhinestone I usually go to the locals to pick up jewelry like rings, earring, bracelets and I cut off the rhinestone itself and use , which by the way is much cheaper.

Last stop is the fabric store. I buy little dangly things like the on the pink stand. They have all colors and remember is how cheap you want to go without looking cheap.

Or last but not least spray paint. I went to Home depot which I found the cans for way cheaper to where I go to. Rust-oleum Painters touch 2x paint and primer, which by the way was $2.50 a can.

You can keep your candle holder natural or just add color according to the theme. I go all crazy spray painting. I’m still learning how to stay paint and believe it comes with a technic.

You set all your supply on the table  and start thinking on ways on how to put this together. I believe the more the merrier, and remember is all according to the theme, color or style of the event.

Please keep a lookout DIY on beautiful inexpensive  center pieces.


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