Apples, Cinnamon and the Feeling of Autumn in my Brooklyn Apartment

Hannah's and Mia's Little Secrets

My Brooklyn apartment is smelling like cinnamon and apple. Plug ins and candle cinnamon and apple aroma and the feel of autumn is what I have going on.

I have a DIY,  An autumn step-up, at an inexpensive way.   I will always emphasize on paying low price on everything I purchase.

One of my favorite store where I’m at is Dollar Deals and Dollar Tree, oh man this is a craft person’s dream and fortunate for me is just down the block from where i work.  I go on my lunch break and scope the place, so to speak.

I did two, actually three setup arrangements at a Dollar Deal price.  The first two standing arrangement was bought at Dollar Deals for only $5 each. The flower arrangement were very small, so what I did was bought two branches, one with the flower and  what I call the bally…

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