Detox water

The local vegetable stand had the strawberries at a good price, I bought 2. I had the limes and mint leaves at home. I go back to work next week and I want to start the cleanse process again. I go back to work next week, I had a 2 month vacation. So that means cooking, baking and eating besides the arts and craft. We took my granddaughter to Walt Disney World and ate rich foods, so is time to start the Detox Process.

They also had Aloe Vera and got 2 of those. My Hannah has become such an organic child.

What we end up doing was

1.Facial Mask: Honey and Aloe Vera

2. Added it to the hair conditioner

3 Applied it to our skin

I bought a proctor hand blender which I love.  I chopped up the aloe and used the hand blender for it.

Why would anyone want to buy instead of making. I’m a rather make person. Up to the time Hannah was 18 I kept her hair along my other daughters, but by the time 18 came her hair was over. She was cutting and dying it.

Hannah had really fine thick long hair, that was the first thing you notice on her was her hair besides how short and small she was and still is.

So she added it on to the hair conditioner, rolled them up with some rollers and  when she took them rollers off it gave her hair that shine healthy looking hair. So if you not  allergic to Aloe Vera go get some.

Hannah started making her own facial masks, just the other day I had an avocado in the house, she took a piece and did some hair product with it.

Its always good to do fresh, you pay more buying the product as oppose to making it.

What I do is I buy it when the my local vegetable stand have specials. Two days ago I bought limes and mints leaves.

Let me add, the limes 8 for $1, mints $1 and I bought the strawberries 2 for $3. In total I spend $5 for Three full Mason Jars.

Now the Aloe Vera was a $1.50 a stem. So many amazing thing you can do Aloe Vera. It leaves you skin and hair looking healthy.

I know is about 3 months away till Christmas I already have in mind what I want to give as present. I started making lipstick last week and so easy. May be a little basket with some homemade facial products, lip stick and other little things.

By the way my trip to Walt Disney World  was amazing. It was  my first and so was Mia. Brings out the child in you.

Over  600 pictures was uploaded from the trip. I’m an amateur photographer and one by heart.

If all of you don’t mind I will post my pics.

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