DIY Table Toppers

I’m always trying to find ways to save. As you know I love to save a penny and only shop when I see a sale. I especially love it when I find a 75% off.

Rite Aid had a 75% off on Home Candles . Ranging  from 50 cent to $2.49, so of course I bought a few for future projects or just when I’m in that auroma therapy mood. But for the price you can’t help but to purchase a few.

This particular of table top is a flower planter I purchased for $2 dollars. When I saw them in the store I saw center piece/table topper and that it was only $2 bucks.

I bought about 10 of the planters so I would have sets of. The spray paint I use I purchased it in my favorite places to be Home Depot.

I sprayed those babies up twice allow 20 minutes each spray and spray on clear seal.

Now the magic is how to put a design on these planters. I spray a set black and purple for some flowers I bought at Halloween time last year. These flowers are great to arrange a Halloween theme or a gothic wedding toppers.

I sprayed a set of red and yellow which are good for when having a Snow White theme party. Also a set of silver ones for a more elegant look.

These planters gives a table dramatic look and you won’t even know is a planter. The store had some square ones which I’m tempted to purchase and make elegant table topper.

The other table topper I did was my niece’s baby shower which by the way was a safari theme with hot pink. This planter is made from a ceramic planter. The planter,floral grass and  Pom Pom were bought at Dollar Tree. Now the safari theme cut up I purchased at Amazon.

So if we canculate the making of these toppers, it comes up to less than $10 on each.

The safari theme topper: Pom Pom was 2 in a package for a $1, pot $1, floral grass was a bag for $1 with one bag of floral you can do up to 10 toppers. Now these are the small planters. The cut up was I believe was $10 it comes with I believe 6 or 7 cut ups.

Safari Theme:

Pom Pom: 50 cent

Planter: $1.00

Grass: 10 cent

Cut up: $1.5o

Each equals $3.50

Black and purple table topper:

Planter: $2.00

Flowers: $1.00 each and 5 was used so $5.00 dollars

Styrophones 1.50

The can of spray was I believe $6 and we can get about 4 to 5 use on them.  About a $1.20 a planter.

Equals to $10 each

Now with the pink flower arrangement, I bought the flowers for $6 and a whole lot came in that box. The candy jar was $2.50 and by the way is plastic and a stylophones was $1.50.

You don’t have to be an expert to set up a beautiful table. All of my DIY is inexpensive but yet beautiful.

People  ask me why don’t I buy on line as opposed to buying on a clearance . Well believe it is always good to support your local small businesses and half the time I get better deals with small business than on line.

I don’t buy for the moment, I buy for my next time and the next project consists of what I’ve found on clearance.












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