The Art of Wreaths Making

Where do I begin with this blog?  Started wreath making a year ago. I wanted a wreath, rather 2, one for my door and another for inside my apartment.

Do you know the prices on the right wreath? It’s a pretty penny and if you’re particular on what you want and looking for a certain wreath is going to run you a pretty penny.

I looked up some tutorials on YouTube and found several ways of doing it. You have easy ones and than you have those that’s a little more complicated

I made mine with wire and  ones with the tree branch. I found one that is made from book paper which I’ll try later on.

Supplies needed:

1. Wire wreaths

2. Tree wreath

3. Mesh

4. Mesh rolls

5. Little ornaments

6. Pipping sticks

These wreaths are really quick and simple.

I will illustrate with the the pictures on how to wrap the mesh around the wire.

Once you make your first one you will want to make more.

I’ve made several ones.

1. Tiffany Blue with silver on it.

2. All red on a branch wreath.

3. Burlap with just a splash of Christmas ornaments

4. All silver vintage wreath.

5. Green, Red and Gold with Christmas ornaments

6. Silver and white vintage wreath.


These are real simple and quick to make what takes long is the decorating part. Remember there’s no thing as a little, the more the merrier. Each picture has a caption so please click on it.


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