‘Tis near Halloween

When witches go riding, &a black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers, ”tis near Halloween!

It’s early in the month but is only once a year. So I start early so I can mesmerize that ’tis the season.

Fall my favorite time of the year. Once Halloween is over, here comes Thanksgivings and Christmas.

With this blog I just want to show you and inexpensive it is to decorate your place for Halloween.

Everything in these pictures with the exception of my neighbors 3 pieces near andnon his door was bought at Dollartree.

The wreath was made by me but all the supplies was picked up Dollartree.

I will leave you a link on how to make wreaths.

I’ve been decorating my door for the passed 30 years. And now that the grandbabies are here I really go all out at the right price.

And for the record it doesn’t matter where you buy it from, is what you do with it.

At time you have to adjust, tuck or even cut. The wall paper came the wide way as oppose to the long way, so I cut it in half and placed them on top of each other.

The rest is just putting it together. The more the merrier I like to say or there’s nothing as too much.  I also did my neighbor’s door.



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