Madison’s Winter Wonderland Theme Party

Talk about a winter wonderland theme birthday party.

My Madison never had a birthday party with family and friends, so hey why not for her 6th Birthday.

Madison’s mommy decided on a winter wonderland party. First for me.

So I started with the cake, how did I want it and what did I want on it. This was a vanilla and chocolate 3 tier cake but the top one was a dummy cake.

By the way everything was done by me. This was like literally the second setup I had done and I love the way it came out.

I was able to get Christmas stuff on sale, I picked up from sale items to clearance and it was after Christmas so I was fortunate to get the things at a good price.

Rice krispy treats in blue, white and added some blinged out ones in silver.

I did the same thing with the oreos, pretzels, cake pops and cupcakes.

I also bought the large gum balls and chocolate according to the colors.

I started buying candy jars every time I saw them on sale so now I own a couple of them, from tall to short.

The plates on the table was made by me, I’ll add the link to my DIY on the small white glass plates with the bling on it.

The small plate trays was bought at a super good price and bought several of them.

The two white huge Pom Pom on the table was done by me with coffee filters. Keep a look out for my blog on the white Pom Pom table toppers.

5 years ago my granddaughter asked me to do some cupcakes and I did, haven’t stop. I didn’t go to school for baking, I took up to looking through countless videos on YouTube and Google a whole bunch.

My first cake was a belly cake. My friend entrusted me in doing it and I told her no please don’t trust me yet and she insisted and I made her and my first fondant cake. I will post a picture of it.

This is something you can do yourself. I started doing arts & crafts 20 years ago to make a little extra money on my maternity leave and here you have it 20 years later and can add baking to my resume.

I hope you enjoy and got some real good ideas on your next diy party table setups.




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