I found my calling and is call paper flowers.

I started looking into back drops from draperies to flowers. I didn’t know anything about these paper flowers until I saw a wedding and those flowers looked amazing.

I decided to You Tube “How To Make PaperFlowers” and saw all sorts of beautiful styles, colors and shapes.

I said I can do this and of cause it was much harder than what I thought but with a couple of errors I finally made one and I learned the hard way so after a couple of flop flowers I got the hang of it and so can you.

Is all about cutting out petals of all shape and size, believe it or not after a few petal you start to get the hang of it and don’t need to trace them.

The only hard part to this is cutting those petals which is time consuming and gluing them, but when you start to get the hang of it it starts to become easy to do. You can be as creative as you want with these flowers.

I always love learning new things and everyday I discover fun and easy ways do so. Get your creative juice flowing and start planning your next event. If you have any questions make sure to email me.

Materials Needed

Copy Paper (your choice of color)

Card Stock (your choice of color)

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Stick Glue

Pipe Cleaners


You choose rather to use Card Stock or Copy Paper. I believe copy paper gives it a more softer look, although I recently bought copy paper at a great price and these copy papers are a little thicker than normal white copy paper. All the flowers was made with copy paper with the exception of the gold ones, those are Gold and Metallic Gold Card Stocks.

With the glue, I rather use the Hot Glue Gun. It’s a better hold, I started out using glue sticks.

Now with the Pipe Cleaners, those will be use when  base for the flower which is a round piece Board Paper purchased at Dollar Deals. Board Paper is thick and you need a steady piece.  I make two small holds on the Base, enough for the Pipe Cleaner can go through. I use a Hold Puncture. I will be demonstrating in pictures.

Excuse the continuous Updates, I accidentally pressed the Publish button when I hadn’t finish the blog.







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