Can we say “Chocolate”?

I would like to believe that I have mastered the art of chocolate but we all that’s not true, considering all the master chocolates out there.

So these are the few pieces I have mastered. My choice of chocolate is Wilton. That’s the only chocolate I have dealt with but open to trying others.

I’m always catching molds on sale so it gives me an opportunity to expend my horizon when it comes to this chocolate.

I never microwave chocolate, I rather double boil it. Chocolate is funny, one second over that is it your chocolate is burn and no longer can be use for that project.

All this baking, crafting takes time and patiences. This something not to rush into and take your time.

When doing these personalized chocolates I love adding a flower or something to them. I started doing spoons dipped in chocolate which by the way I love. Great idea for an adult party.

Now my shoes I just started doing them. The first two took me a whole day to finish and by the way it took me two time to get the shoe itself right. First two broke but if at first you don’t succeed try try again.

I hope you enjoy these chocolates and let us know what you think.

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