DIY Cake Plates

I’m doing a Elena Of Avator theme party and that means table setup and backdrop.

So I went and still looking for gold cake plates. I’ve seen a couple I like but too expensive. I decided to make them myself.

I’m still looking for the bottom piece to it which is the stand. I’ve gone to thrift stores, the damage section in Marshall’s which by the way the stand with the flower was bought at Marshall’s for only $2.50.

You can try many places, even the Dollar Store. Everyone goes to the Dollar Store to buy these pieces which is great but think outside the box.

The long stand is a jewelry holder which was purchased for only $5. You can try basically anything tall.

Now the plates themselves was bought at Dollar Deals. I especially like these plates. When you spray paint them you see the imprint on them.

I’m just trying my hands on different style or colors with these plates.

The spray paint I use is a metallic gold color which can be purchase at Home Depot.

I usually buy a couple of can of paint when I go there, great price on them.

So just remember a stand, plate and paint is all you need to make your own.



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