My DIY Roses






I love DIY projects, all kinds. There’s not one thing that I have or had post that I didn’t do it my self. It’s so much inexpensive that way. I basically can see something and create from the moment I see it.

I had seen these rose petals from the Dollar Store and thought to myself what if I can make a rose out of them and put them on basically anywhere. So I decided to buy 3 colors, white for weddings, pink for girls and red for just about any event.

So what I did was on every rose petal, I pinched the end of it and added a little glue to it (hot glue gun) and tacky glue to add glitter to the pearls. Just gave it a little twist.

I did that on all the petals. It’s time-consuming but when making them make sure you do them ahead of time. I would do the twist on all of them first and on another day I would just make the rose. Now remember you don’t necessarily need them for a project, but to have them ready in case a project happen to come up.

In the pictures it gives you the instruction on how to connect each rose petal, another thing I did with each rose was to add either a brooch or pearls to the center of each of them

Now these brooches I bought from a local vendor. Actually they all are not brooches, they are rings or bracelets. I just using your imagination when you see a certain something and what can you make with them.

What I did with them after I finish was table topper. You can either use them as home decor or for a table setup , you choose. You will need a styrofoam ball for it.  The second thing I did with them was headbands, baby headbands, and I took ribbon and added and did a huge one. These are good and expensive way to dress up your wedding dress.

You can basically add them to anywhere a flower or decor is needed. I used Martha Stewart fine glitter. and I love it. I believe the glitter was the only expensive item I used. The stand for the flower arrangement was bought from the a local store. You can also buy them at Dollar Tree but I opted to purchase them somewhere else. I like those better they’re a little taller.

Remember you can make them small, medium and large depending on the occasion.


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