DIY Headpieces

As you all know I love doing headpieces/headbands.

I’ve done some for my granddaughters and allowed  them to style their own. Each unique in its own way.

This was one of the first things I started doing on maternity leave nearly 21 years ago. And have upgraded from headbands and clips to headpieces.

From a birdcage piece to a skully hat with a vail. I love going around looking for broaches, lace, ribbons and flower, well just about anything that can be made to a headpiece.

Believe me when I say I have a lot of little things to make a headband. I just love looking for bargains and things I can use for the future. When I buy something at a great cost I always say I might need that for something.

I had bought some small plastic in clear dessert cups and about 100 of them came in the box. Those 100 small plastic dessert cups was purchased for only $5. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them at the time I purchased them but long story short I used them on a order for 30 small cups of tres leche cake with fresh whipped cream. I will upload a picture of them and how beautiful and tasty they were.

I have 4 pieces here of headpieces,

Purple flower 🌺 is such a refreshing look and so simple to make. All you need is a flower and ribbon and believe it or not that’s it.

My skully hat 🎩 is just a hat with a vail to it and very simple to make.

Now my white and silver is such a beauty and elegance to it. Again ribbon, material and I bought this material from the fabric store which is make sash for a wedding dress and I wrap material around it. Once you have that ribbon around that piece anything goes. Now you can dress it up as you please. This is a gasby style piece.

My gold bird cage is to die for. All gold with a broach to go with it. At the time I did these pieces was made I didn’t have a sewing machine and all was sawn by these hands.

Now that I have the sewing machine I don’t have enough time to get on it. I would love to design a dress but is just time standing between that dress and me.

Thank you to those that follow my blogs and hopefully inspired you to DIY everything. Make sure to follow m on Instagram, Twitter, I also opened up a Youtube channel




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