Refurbishing a cubby stand


I found a 8 cubby stand. The structure and stability was good. Because it wasn’t glue but a vinyl type material I had to glue certain parts of it but very little.

I was going to use this as a tv stand, I wanted to remodel my room for a while lighten it up a little.

The cubby spots made it possible to get rid of two tall stands I had.

So I painted the stand white and instead of standing it straight I placed it across. I added support by placing wood at the bottom of the stand.

The most important thing needed was a little length to it. I went to Home Deport and of course I forget my measuring stick and had to eye ball it bought two Hampton Lumber 1-1/2-in x9 1/4-in x 8 ft from Home Depot. In the case it had to be cut I would of ask my building maintenance guy to cut it for me.

The planks turned out to be much longer than I wanted it but I like it. Long enough to put everything on it.

I added some nails and a coat of MinWax Gel Stain,  there you have it my own diy refurbished tv stand. I have extra storage at the side so I put my wicker hamper there and on the other side just stored somethings.

I love looking around to refurbish some piece of furniture.

I also found two beautiful hanging wood shelves. I’m going to show you what a little gray chalk paint can do.






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