What a difference a little chalk paint can do.

I decided to redo my bedroom, give it a little light to it.

I’ve always had wood finishes in the house. Loved those earth tone colors but this time I want to go brighter.

I took my night stand and painted with gray chalk paint. for the detailing on the stand I used a brush to high light the details and give it an vintage look to it. I than I used a roller for the rest of the stand.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the original handles or buy new ones, but I opted to spray paint them silver and I love it.

I found 2 wood stands and was shock to see the condition it they were in, which was great. They were a little to dark for me and I want to lighten up the place with all this wood and earth tone colors I have in my apartment.

I also found a wood bench chair which I secured it, wood glue and nails and again I wanted to brighten up the place and give a little country style look in a small Brooklyn apartment.

One thing I love doing is thrifting and checking out what I can  find to restore or refurbish. Half of my furniture was found or bought from a thrift store, which I love. I have a old Brooklyn apartment and like to keep the look to it. My apartment is a reflection of what I love doing which is baking, thrifting, restore and antique.

The color of this particular chalk paint is called “Age Gray Ultra Matte Paint” by Rust-Oleum and when is dried I coat it with clear furniture wax by Renaissance. It also comes in other colors, the wax. The wax is optional if you want to use it. I also did my computer table and I added the wax, my granddaughters uses the computer. I can clean it up without any problems.

I’m redoing my daughter’s old room, she’s married. I’m looking for a country look to it and I have a couple of pieces which I restored and refurbish for it.










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