DIY Center Piece for the Holidays

Isn’t she a beauty? Getting ready for the holidays, I got all my autumn and christmas decor from storage and decided to add-on some new pieces to the place.

I begin to do on doing a typical autumn colors centerpiece for my brand new living but just wasn’t going with the theme of my living room so I set to do something that would match the living space.

So I opted to do a more elegant piece. I wanted that gray, silver, white, glass and glittery centerpiece.

A lot of the material for this project I had home from prior projects. I tend to buy off-season if that makes any sense. Holiday decor and items I buy after the holidays, get that 50% off and sometimes 75%. So when is in season I already have my materials to do home decors.

The mirror planter so to speak are mirrors I purchased from Dollar Tree. There are 10 pieces of mirrors there, you can make it as long as you want and they are  beautiful for weddings. I made a make shift box from card board bought (and again every item was purchased at Dollar Tree) I measured the or traced the size of the glass and used hot glue gun. If i had to do it over again I would defiantly do it differently, the base of it but I will try again.

I took some of the pumpkins and paint them gray chalk paint, some glittered and I glittered some of the leaves . I added flowers to some of the  pumpkins and some has glittered on top.  I bought some Reindeer Moss to add inside the planter.

First thing first, I took card board and traced with the mirrors the length I wanted it and cut it. I did this 5 times from 2 length to 2 width and bottom. I  glued the mirrors to the card board on all four sides and then I glued all 4 together and the bottom. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say or the graphic to it.

I arranged the inside of the planter with my own card board stands. I didn’t want to stuff all the Moss in the planter so I cutter up 4 pieces of card board and than a long one and made an upper base for it.

I added the moss fully covering the top. A drizzle hot glue gun and add-on the moss, after that I start to arrange the ornaments on this planter. There is no specific way to arrange them I just do and the more the merrier. Food for thought do not glue it to the card board until you are sure how you going to arrange it, once you glue it you can’t take it apart. So make sure before you start to glue.

The signs harvest, thankful and welcome was also bought at Dollar Tree. You can add small christmas to it or just more ornaments if you want.

Now my autumn centerpiece which by the way my daughter took, pieces was bought at Dollar Tree. Again before you glue all your ornaments make sure that is where you want it, you rearrange it first and then you glue.

The glass centerpiece can be made again for weddings, holiday decor and many more. I’m very passionate when it comes to whatever I put my mind too but my biggest passionate is looking for sales, roaming through thrift stores, baking, making pictures, sewing and decoding.


Make sure you check me out on my links and my YouTube Channel which I’m working on.


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