My Living Space.

As many of you know, I live in a small Brooklyn apartment where I create all of this beautifulness.

Years ago I had turned my bedroom into an office/work area, and I turned my living room into a bedroom. The love of what I do was and is still stronger than ever.

I lived without a living room for 5 years, all my company would sit at the dinning table which was rarely working a full-time job and crafting.

Everything is kept organized and cleaned because of limited space. I have some much arts and crafts, baking, and I refurbish furniture that I had to rent a storage room.

Let’s get to this blog, so my Hannah got married and moved out. So and I won’t say happy but happy I can now have a living room. I decided I didn’t want to go through the hassle of moving things back into place meaning moving my office into Hannah’s old room and setting up my bedroom into a bedroom. I decided I’ll make Hannah’s room into my living nook.

First thing first, I took down a wall that was there to open it up it was a small space. Because I wanted the feel of being spacious I painted all white.

One mistake I did was painted first and sanded the floors second. That’s a no no but you live and you learn. I went to Home Depot and rented a sander, I though Home Depot hires people who knows what they’re doing but I was wrong and learned the hard way.

It wasn’t easy sanding that old dirty wood floor but I wanted wood so I had to do it. I was surprised how good it came out for a first timer.

So we already know that I took a wall down, painted and sanded the floor.

Now for the decor part. As you know I love thrift stores and have 3 particular ones I go to on a regular.

My sofas which I love and this particular soda I had right before I got rid of my living room, it’s for small living space and Hannah’s room wasn’t that much bigger than my old living area.

The sofas I paid $100, I went in there with a budget. I also bought a dinning table from the same place on the same day. I told the owner which I know because of the various time I went in there. I told her I need a living room and a dinning table but I came with a $200 budget and she said ok.

The tv stand and the stand right next to it was free which I found, sand it down, and chalk paint it which by the way I love chalk paint. Make sure to click on the link for my chalk painted refurbished furniture I did.

I did a serenity blue chalk paint for those two pieces. My mannequin and doll was bought my favorite thrift store along with the picture frames which I get at a bargain.

The stand where the dolls are on was also free along with the drum on the floor.

I put a bathroom rug as an area rug and much cheaper. As you see I’m a pillow hoarders but it makes the room feel so cozy.

My coffee table was bought at a local bargain store which fits as storage and another sitting space.

Now my end table stand I had for a long time, had my sewing machine on it so I decide to refurbish it, I sand it down, stained it and put a sealer. When I turned it over it had the company’s name on it. This furniture company started in the 1800’s and is a telephone table. And by the way I did my curtains which I paid at my favorite fabric store $1.99 a yard and the curtains go all the way to the floor and i threw in some pillows and now I have a nice living nook. 

So we can sum this redo, home decor to about roughly $350.00.


Redone floor


Refurbished table stand



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