Quick, easy and inexpensive way to setup your table for the holidays.

Hey guys here’s a quick DIY inexpensive setup. I’m going to share the link at the bottom on how to make this beautiful silver, gray, and glittery Holiday planter. All the material from the planter was purchased at Dollar Tree. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the planter or the chandelier. Had I use the planter there would be no room on the table to put ornaments on. So I decided with the chandlier ut still gives me space to add on.

First thing first, the linen was made by me, thank god for that sewing machine. 1 1/2 yards on both fabric. I bought silver/gray satin and a lacy type one with glitter. Ever since my daughter bought me this sewing machine I have not bought curtain or table cover, I do them myself now.

Let us address that chandelier on top of my table.  This is a cupcake holder. I use it for table setup but doesn’t it look beautiful with the candles?

The cover on the chairs was bought at a local discount store and they were $5.99 each. Now the charger I bought for $2.49 each which I didn’t mind because I love them.

The jars on the table was made by me, my thrift store guy put the crystal jar top away for me even crystal stands he cuts himself. Wine glass I got from Dollar Tree, I decided to out christmas ball in them.

The glittery trees I bought from Rite Aid for 50% off so I paid $4 each. I have four of those  and I use them for winter wonderland setups. The little trees I also bought from Rite Aid for a $1.00. They was 50% off.

Everything else I had in the house. So you see you don’t have to spend a lot to make it look beautiful. I have glittery fat ribbon that I will be making napkin holders with and go to the fabric store and make my own napkin. You can make it yourself with the things you have at home.




Here is the link on how to do the beautiful planter https://hannahsandmiasminisecrets.com/2018/11/24/diy-center-piece-for-the-holidays/


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