Wired Basket Mannequins



I don’t even know what to name this but I can tell you this,  these wired baskets I bought from Dollar Tree. I mold it to have a waist and breast so to speak but you will need

  1. Two Baskets
  2. Pair of Scissors
  3. Large Nail Clipper
  4. Garden Gloves
  5. Nylon Cable Ties
  6. Two Paper Towel Holder

All from Dollar Tree.

These baskets are very soft so to speak. First thing first, you mold the waist which is the middle of the basket. Keep molding it until is a waist. Keep bringing it in.

Breast part, you push in with your fist out for both sides. Keep pushing until you feel is correct and the same size. I use my hands as tools. When you finished molding it and remember this takes a while to do it correct.

You take the rim of the basket and cut it as close to the edge as you can. You will need your scissors for this. After you cut the rim half way you than lift it to become a handle.

You cut the back part out of the basket. As you can see on the picture. Now this is when the nail cutter comes in. I found that the nail clipper is quicker to cut off the ridges of it. Be careful because those ridges hurt and always wear your gloves.

After you have mold your top part now you add the bottom basket to it and use the nylon  cable ties. Now the bottom basket doesn’t need no molding just tie it to the top part as seen on the picture. To make the stand you tie two paper towel holder opposite side, one up, one down. You tie the towel holders together and than tie it the the basket.

With the stand which is the paper towel holder you can adjust it, either high or low.

Now the best part comes. Some of the flowers I bought from Dollar Tree but most of the decors on them I had in the house from prior work. Some of the tutus was done by me and some I had from about 3 years ago. I say this is very easy to do and everyone can do it but how you decor it defines your creativity. You can find my tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

The pictures are self explanatory so make sure you look at the pictures.



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