Pig Feet Souse

I haven’t eaten pig feet in a while and souse in about 10 years.

My brother in law is from Panama and his mother made the best pig feet souse I’ve ever eaten.

You can’t eat pig feet from everyone, she was really on point in cleaning her pig feet right but she moved from Brooklyn and there was no one I trusted enough to make it.

So I took it upon my self to do it and taste just like hers.

Ingredients needed

1. Pig Feet

2. Cucumber

3. Onions

4. Lemon

5. Shallots

6. Hot Red Pepper

What I was told souse was dish done for when you was drinking. It cuts the alcohol and you can make it as spicy as you want it.

Lets get to cooking this

1. First thing first, place the pig feet on the stove be to burn all the hair of it, now this process takes a minute to do, so have patience is all worth it.

2. Clean those pig feet good, really good like you’re bathing it, I sit it in water and vinegar for an hour.

3. After allowing to sit in the water and vinegar I again clean them up and put them in a pot of water with vinegar to boil for about 2 hours. I like them really tender.

4. While the pigFeet is boiling, you slice your cucumbers thinly, onions, shallots, and hot red pepper. I use Jamaican hot red pepper for this dish. This pepper is really hot so if you’re a hot pepper lover this is the pepper for you but you will only need one and lemons.

Now how much you chop is up to you. With this dish I love a lot of onions and cucumbers.

After two hours of boiling set aside until cold. You than again rinse the pig feet. Now with water that was boiling you strain it and that’s the liquid you going to use to make your souse.

You add your cucumbers, onions, hot pepper and shallot in the water where the pig feet was boiling, than your lemon, about 10 lemon, you want to taste the lemon juice in It. mix it up and add your pig feet set it in the fridge over night, let all the juice, ingredients and pig feet marinate.

There you have it, Pig feet souse.


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