Revamping 👠




About two years ago I bought some shoes from a local store that has their summer shoes on sale when winter starts to hit. Same when they sell winter shoes they sell it cheap when summer starts to come.

I’ve bought shoes for $5 or 2 for $10. So I go in there and just look for particular one but as long as they’re $5 it doesn’t matter.

People always ask me where did I get some much talent with those hands and I simply say this, when you have 3 daughters and on a budget you have to start to make your own things. I would bedazzle their jackets, hair clips,sneaker and everything I can bedazzle. They would hate it but their friends loved it.

All the decor on the shoes are stuff I already have. I purchase things on sale and even thou I may not need it at the moment but at least I know I got it on a good price.

The flowers in them I got at different places. I’m not a last minute shopper, so all of the flowers I had already.

Now the brooches on them are from my local guy. I buy a lot from him so he usually gives me for free and by the way we call him the $1 man. All his jewelry are $1. From earrings, bracelets to rings. I buy them all, I take the back piece off. If I buy a string of pearls I’ll just cut the string and use the pearls individually and if I get a pair of earrings I’ll have two pieces. I usually look through the earrings first.

The glitters used on the shoes I have in different colors and textures. I also have Martha Stewart very fine glitter collection.

Now back to the style of the shoes. I love that old style shoes. Vintage style. High heel with flowers. It goes with the style of the shoe. It depends the style shoe when I add decor to them.

Designing is what I love doing. I can see something and see the beauty of it. I have family and friends bring me things they have no use for so I can either diy or refurbish it. Can you imagine all of the projects I have? I have a lot but with a full time job is hard to get to and when I have to sand furniture I would use my fire escape to do it.

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