Chocolate Holiday Stand

This particular stand was made from a stove burner cover and a pizza pie tray from Dollar Tree. I painted it with Aged Gray Chalk paint by Rust-Oleum.

I do a lot of thrifting and usually I go straight to where they sell the cups, dishes and glass to see if I can find the stand itself to go in between the plates. I like the stands itself to hold weight so to speak. A lot of crafters use the candle holders from Dollar Tree I don’t.

I went looking around to see what can I add to this Christmas decor. At first I was just going to decor it with Christmas ornaments but changed my mind.

I saw the Entenmann’s hot chocolate and thought to myself, there you go I know now what I want to do with my DIY three stand and by the way I also used it for and autumn decor with just only autumn things.

By the way I painted the stand with gray chalk paint.

So I went in the hunt to find small packages of chocolates and other small edible things. The candy cane decor I bought at Dollar Tree and the small tree I purchased at Rite Aid for 50% off, which by the way was a $1.

Every item on the stand was $1 or less. I have white and dark chocolate bits, I put some in a small mason jar. I have swirl candy cane also in a. Mason jar. I have sort of a glass of a jar glass for the hot chocolate and a large red mug on it.




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