I’m starting a new phase in my life and is called canning. Oh the joy of knowing you can bottle just about everything.

This canning business is a lot of work but all so worth it. You have to make sure the jars are sanitized, and the tops.

Washing the mason jars and putting them in boiling water to sanity the jars , making sure the rim of the jars are clean so it can seal properly. Boy when I tell you is a lot of work, is a lot of work.

When you place whatever you’re canning in the jars, you have to put the top on them and place in the pot with boiling water to seal. You have know how long to keep them in the boiling water. Is a process but I’m canning everything so to speak.

I went to Walmart and got the essentials, the correct utensils but I will invest in a canning pressure pot. The pots are a little pricey but worth it. There’s certain food or vegetables you need a canning pressure pot.

I will upload a video to my YouTube channel on how to properly can. So far I’ve done apples, egg plant and pickles. Now to label them.

And another thing I did was boil the peels and cord of the apples and made apple simple syrup.

I’m a foodie and love cooking so this is perfect for me. I want to have a pantry full of canning jars.








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