Salmon Dinner

Saturday night shenanigans, Grilled Salmon, Chicken with Carrots and Sunflower Seeds, Salad and Everything Italian Bread with Basil Pesto.

Beat going outside or ordering out. This simple but delicious meal with prepared in 20 minutes.

Salmon was seasoned with freshly squeezed Lemon, Old Bay, Garlic, and Salt to taste.

Grilled it with Butter and Olive Oil. Added a dash of Basil Pesto. The bread which OMG was delicious kinda of bread bought at Walmart, everything Italian Loaf.

Chicken and Bacon with Grape Tomatoes, Sun Flower Seeds, Cheese Crouton Crumble, Red Cabbage, Carrots, and Buttermilk Ranch Salad.

Everything Italian Loaf was placed in the oven and this bread has the right taste to it, I also added Basil Pesto on it.

I can live in the kitchen, I love cooking and preparing different food. Now that the kids are out the house I get to cook whatever I want and one serving which makes it more satisfying to cook.




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